My Sewing Mistakes!

Hi! Today I am over Kids Clothes Week blog with the most humiliating post ever. :) I am sharing some of my sewing mistakes and you can read all about it here

Have you ever wondered if my sewing is perfect? It isn't. Just look at that photo above. It was more than one year ago and I think it was my first time sewing a peter pan color. Needless to say I never made that mistake again. :) Things are getting a lot better with time! Practice does makes perfection when it comes to sewing. Although there is one mistake I always make: sewing right side with wrong side when I should be sewing right sides together... :) 

Jump to KCW's blog to see the things I don't show on my blog posts. :) And while you're there have a look at the other's contributor's posts since they are also sharing their sewing mistakes.

 Do you relate to any of our mistakes? :) 

Happy sewing!

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